Facilities For Special Abled (Divyang)

Wheelchairs are available at every station for those who need one. You can contact the Customer Care Counter to get assistance.

Ramps have been installed in metro stations wherever surface level changes. Ramps have been made according to standards.

Wheelchair Parking space available at all the Metro Stations.

Seats in Nagpur Metro trains have been reserved for differently abled/senior citizens

Special abled will find well lit signage at appropriate places to inform about various facilities like elevator, entry, exit and accessible toilets etc.

Flap gates have been installed to regulate the entry of passengers on to the platform. These gates can be opened extra-wide to allow wheelchairs through.

Train door closing audio/visual indication. Next station and arrival with correct side platform announcements are available on all the Metro Stations.

Station staff constantly monitors passenger movement and provides personal help to any differently-abled person who needs assistance.

On all the metro station floors tactile pathways have been made to help guide the persons with visual impairment. These paths are made of bright yellow tiles with tiny bumps and ridges on it. Visually impaired people can feel the path by touching cane on these projections. Bright colour of the path helps people with low vision to better see the paths. These paths do lead people right to the places like ticket counters, toilets, platforms etc.

All the Metro Station of Nagpur Metro are equipped with elevators (lifts) which can be used by persons with disabilities to reach at the platforms. Even better thing is that mostly these elevators are found to be functional! So, you can easily get your wheelchair inside the lift and reach the desired level / platform.