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GoM GR`s

Nagpur Metro Rail Project - G.O.M G. R 30-01-2014

Gazette Notification - TPS 2496-2643

TOD Notification - G.O.M G. R no TPS-2414/477/CR 248/2014/UD-9 Dt.16.06.2017

Nagpur Metro Rail Corridor - TOD Premium Order Dated On 24.07.2017

TTMC final Notification GR Dated On 10.11.2017

Amendment on Stamp Duty Dated On 21.08.2015

Khasra No. 302, CTS No. 1848, Mouza Sitaburdi Govt. Resolution No.TPS-2415- 182-CR- 98-UD- 9-2015 dated 14 th March, 2018.

For the remaining land admeasuring an area of 9293.352 Sq. mts. GR No.TPS-2415- 182-CR- 98-UD- 9-2015(A) dated 24th January, 2019.

Draft TOD Policy dt. 03.10.2015

TOD Policy Notification TPS-2414/477/CR/-248(Part-1)/2014/UD-9 dated:14/03/2018

SPA - GOM Notification dated 11.06.2018

Final Approved TOD Notification - TPS-2414/477/CR/-248(Part-1)/2014/UD-09 dated 02nd November 2018,

Final Notification for Metro Structure Exclusion from DCR dated 02.01.2019


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